Corriander Seeds

Agro Commodity

Coriander Seeds, commonly known as Dhania or Cilantro. Coriander Seeds are used around the world as a condiment or as a decoration on the dishes. Raviraj Group provides natural and fresh Coriander seeds.

Coriander Seeds are used in the process as a culinary spice, and it is used in every kind of food for increasing taste. Coriander Seeds are a good source of dietary fiber, iron and magnesium and it is also used as a part of the various types of drugs.

Coriander Seeds also has the medicinal properties. As it is a mild expectorant, it is also used as an ingredient of medicine and drugs. It is also used as an effective medicine in treating diseases such as blood sugar, digestion, stomach and prevent flatulence, urinary tract infections etc.

Specifications of Coriander Seeds Whole Eagle Quality

Product Purity Admixture Cleaning Moisture
Coriander Seeds Whole Eagle Quality 98% 98% 2% Machine Cleaned 8%
Coriander Seeds Whole Eagle Quality 99.5% 99.5% 0.5% Sortex Cleaned 8%
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